Has BRIGITTE Skin Care Collection been tested on animals?
Absolutely not! We pride ourselves on producing effective, safe and humane products.

What are the preservatives and chemical-looking names on the ingredients list?
Even with a natural formulation, some synthetic ingredients are desirable, for giving a product improved texture and efficacy. Preservatives are essential for giving BRIGITTE products a practical shelf life, and for keeping them safe and sanitary.


Step 01: Cleanse + Tone

Is it safe to use BRIGITTE's Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover if I wear contact lens?
Yes! it is, best of all it's a non drying, gentle and fragrance-free formula.

Is a brief tingling sensation normal while using BRIGITTE's Exfoliating Cleanser with 15% glycolic acid?
A tingling sensation is felt because Glycolic Acid is more acidic that the skin PH is. It exfoliates, restores hydration & clarifies skin tone. If irritation should occur, alternate with BRIGITTE's Phyto-Calming Cleanser every other night or simply use BRIGITTE's Glycolic Cleanser 15% weekly.

Can I use BRIGITTE's Exfoliating Cleanser with 15% glycolic before sun exposure?
Yes, you can as long as you apply a protective sunscreen, such as BRIGITTE's SPF 30 + Daily Moisturizer.

Is BRIGITTE's Phyto-Calming Cleanser formulated for particularly sensitive skin?
Yes, it is recommended for clients with a sensitive complexion that reddens easily or after any microdermabrasion, laser or glycolic treatments.

Is skin toning a must?
A toner should be applied immediately following cleansing to remove drying mineral deposits from tap/hard water. It restores the skin PH and prepares it for proper nutritive & protective treatment.

Is a brief tingling sensation normal while using BRIGITTE's Exfoliating Toner with 10% glycolic acid?
Yes it is, as Glycolic is more acidic than the skin PH is.

Can I use BRIGITTE's Exfoliating Toner with 10% glycolic acid before sun exposure?
Yes you can, as long as you follow it with protective SPF, such as BRIGITTE's SPF 30 Sheer Moisturizer.

Step 02: Heal + Treat

Why should I use BRIGITTE's Phyto-Eye Contour Gel?
For improvement and protection of the delicate eye tissues. Suitable for all skin types, it's best to use it day & night. Botanical extracts are excellent for eye puffiness & dark circles. Its gel texture is soothing & firming, too!.

Why would I select BRIGITTE's Lifting Eye Creme?
For its powerful age fighting and lightening ingredients, such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, Glycolic & vitamin C. To start with, use it mostly at night. If irritation should occur, alternate it with BRIGITTE's Phyto-Eye Contour Gel.

Why should I use a treatment serum?
BRIGITTE's serums contain highly concentrated cutting-age active ingredients; when applied right after cleansing & toning they provide the skin with potent age fighting & lightening treatments with healing and repairing properties.

What are the benefits of BRIGITTE's Active Repair Serum?
Perfect for dehydrated skins, it helps repair tissue damage while increasing important collagen and elastin production. It also optimizes healing after clinical treatments and minimizes acne scarring.

Is Hyaluronic Acid vegan?
Yes it is.

Why should I use BRIGITTE's Active Lifting Serum?
Use it for an immediate lifting & tightening effect produced by Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE, Glycolic & Vitamin C.

Where should I use BRIGITTE's Active Lightening Serum?
After cleansing and toning, morning & night, apply a small amount of serum to pigmented areas. Follow with BRIGITTE's appropriate creme and sunscreen.

Why is BRIGITTE's Active Lightening Serum hydroquinone-free?
Because Hydroquinone has revealed itself to be carcinogenic.

How will BRIGITTE's Hydro+ Collagen Mask benefit my skin?
The deep hydrating benefits of plant pseudocollagen + antioxidant vitamins A, C & E promote cellular repair, resulting in super hydrated skin.

What are BRIGITTE's Renew+ Sea Clay Mask skin properties?
Seaweed extracts and Kaolin Clay draw impurities from the skin, while leaving it soothed, tightened & hydrated.

Step 03: Hydrate + Protect

What type of Collagen is found in BRIGITTE'S Collagen Treatment Creme?
It is a plant pseudocollagen type.

What makes BRIGITTE's SPF 30 + Daily Moisturizer so unique?
It is an excellent hydrator and sunscreen all in one. If the skin is especially water-starved apply BRIGITTE's creme on top of sunscreen.


Alpha Lipoic Acid: Alpha Lipoic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid known to be a universal antioxidant, soluble in water and lipid bases and plays a vital role in the energy production of cells.

CoEnzyme Q10: A fat-soluble antioxidant that assists in cellular metabolism, providing protection from free radical damage and also assisting in cellular repair.

Copper Peptide: Has potent protective properties and signals cells to initiate skin repair mechanisms. Studies have found that copper peptides have a reversing affect on signs of aging, improve elasticity, and help to increase the subcutaneous fat layer.

DMAE: Dimethylaninoethanol is a Siberian ginseng antioxidant extract which helps to firm and tight face & neck skin, provides free radical protection and clinically proven skin firmer.

Glycolic Acid: Found in sugar cane, glycolic acid acts by dissolving the intercellular cement responsible for abnormal cell build-up. It improves skin hydration by enhanced moisture uptake as well as increased binding of water to the stratum corneum. Glycolic acid is effective in helping clear the pores of acne-prone skin, smoothing fine lines in older, photo-aged skin & diminishing age spots.

Hyalulronic Acid: An Acid-vegan form of potent moisture binder which offers an excellent environment of new cells and promotes skin's ability to repair itself, particularly after peels, clinical treatments or surgery.

Lactic Acid: It is an alpha hydroxy acid derived from milk with a larger molecular size than glycolic acid. It increases skin's hydration, pliability and flexibility, excellent for more sensitive skin, ethnic skin or hyperpigmented skin.