Active Repair Serum: Replenish Your Skin

The Active Repair Serum helps repair any visible signs of aging and environmental damage to the skin. All skin types will benefit from this highly effective oil-free gel in a convenient pump.

Active Repair Serum: Replenish Your Skin

How To Replenish Your Skin 

The Active Repair Serum isn’t just another step in your beauty routine. The active ingredients are highly concentrated and work hard against aging and skin-damaging elements. 

  • Hydrate

The Active Repair Serum restores and retains moisture with Hyaluronic Acid. 

  • Exfoliate 

The Active Repair Serum lightly exfoliates and brightens skin with Lactic Acid.

  • Restore 

The Active Repair Serum firms and smooths skin, further erasing signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles with Copper Peptide. 

Active Repair Serum: Replenish Your Skin

When To Replenish Your Skin 

The Active Repair Serum should be applied at least once daily. The serum can be applied in the morning, evening, or even both, for a more intensive replenishment experience. After cleansing your face, use a toner before applying the serum. The convenient pump bottle in which the serum is housed also serves as a reminder that it’s the second true step of your hydration routine. From start to finish, an expert hydration regimen should begin with a clean face and include:

  • The use of a toner 
  • The application of a drop of The Active Repair Serum 
  • The time to let the serum be absorbed fully
  • The application of an SPF moisturizer (for daytime) or of a moisturizer (for nighttime)

The Active Repair Serum, when used daily, will protect against aging and replenish your glow.

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