FOREO: Revolutionizing Facial Cleansing With Technology and Sophistication

What makes the FOREO device unique?

The 3 key features that make FOREO a cutting-edge device are the non-abrasive silicone, the brush design appropriate for all skin types, and the integrated Dual T Sonic technology.

Sonic pulsations generate 8,000 pulses per minute to deeply invigorate and cleanse the skin.

Foreo Bruch - LUNA 2

How does FOREO compare to other facial cleansing brushes?

The FOREO brush is a more effective and more hygienic option for cleansing!

The patented Dual T Sonic pulsations and targeted touch points thoroughly cleanse all skin types without causing irritation.

Made from non-abrasive silicone, the FOREO is easy to clean and non-porous to prevent bacterial build up, unlike typical nylon bristles in other leading facial cleansing devices. The FOREO is also waterproof up to four feet of water, so you can keep your brush conveniently stowed your shower or let sit in a full sink basin without worry.

Is this appropriate for my skin type?

The FOREO device has a unique 4-zone surface that suits all skin types depending on how the brush is angled against the skin. The nonabrasive touchpoint are able to provide a deep cleanse without damaging skin, making it ideal for all types ranging from oily to very sensitive.

FOREO LUNA 2 mini or FOREO LUNA 2 Professional?

While all FOREO cleansing brushes utilize sonic pulsation technology for effective cleansing, the LUNA 2 Professional device has a unique back surface for anti-aging purposes that can be activated in a secondary mode. When activated, lower frequency pulsations are applied to areas of fine lines and wrinkles to help diminish their appearance. 

Claudette Wheaton - Advanced skin care specialist

My recommendations:

After performing a thorough cleanse in Mode 1 and following with a high quality toner (our suggestion: brigitte BEAUTÉ Phyto-Calming Cleanser and Phyto-Calming Toner DUO set), apply appropriate finishing serums and moisturizers and set the LUNA 2 Professional to Mode 2. Pressing into areas of concern in this mode will flood wrinkle-prone areas with tightly focused, revitalizing waves that plump and make the skin look younger.

- Claudette Wheaton, Advanced Skincare Specialist & Skin Care Advisor @brigitte BEAUTÉ

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