Getting an Oxygen Facial

Oxygen is not only good for the lungs but for the skin, as well. While it may make up a good portion of the air we breathe, it's still only a fraction. That's why concentrated doses of oxygen are used for facial treatments, helping the skin to receive all the benefits this healthy gas can give. This article can help you understand the benefits of the luxury skincare treatment if you're looking for an oxygen facial in Beverly Hills but aren't quite sure what to expect.

What Is an Oxygen Facial?

Oxygen makes up just over 20% of the air we breathe and is a vital part of life. With its many benefits, the oxygen facial applies pure oxygen directly to the skin on the face. The oxygen is pressurized, improving your natural beauty by stimulating collagen of any skin type. Nutrient extracts, vitamins and minerals are infused in the oxygen to provide further benefits to the skin.

What Are the Benefits?

Oxygen Facial with Brigitte in Beverly HillsIf you would like to try an oxygen facial in Beverly Hills, you probably care most about what benefits you'll expect after receiving such luxury skincare treatment. By applying oxygen infusions directly onto your face, the skin is cleanly and naturally rejuvenated, resulting in a number of health effects that make your skin appear younger and brighter.

  • Increased collagen production improves elasticity
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Treats acne by cleaning pores
  • Moisturizing effects
  • Boosts healing and natural detoxifying
  • Cleans deeply for instant improved appearance

Are There Side Effects?

One of the best parts of an oxygen facial is that it has a very quick recovering period, as the results are instant and promptly improve your skin's health. The immediate side effect after an oxygen facial is puffy skin due to the stimulation, but it will quickly go down. You may also experience some redness and irritation, but that will significantly lessen over a couple of days. Almost directly after the facial treatment, you can start using products on your face again. If you have any concerns, please contact somewhere that offers spa treatments such as an oxygen facial in Beverly Hills.

How Often Should You Get an Oxygen Facial?

While results are immediate, the best way to make them last is to receive multiple treatments. In the beginning, it's recommended to have six treatments over six weeks, but then receive only monthly touch-ups after that.

Can You Maximize Benefits?

Since oxygen is necessary for the care of your skin, it's important that you ensure you are not denying your skin of such an important quality. There are three things that can deprive the skin of the oxygen it needs:

  • Smoking
  • Too much makeup
  • The environment

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