How a Great Toner Gets You Glowing

The refining benefits of a good toner are an overlooked element of your skin care routine. Always step number one in the morning and step number two in the evening (after cleansing), toners prepare your skin for optimum penetration of your day and night time treating nutrients. Right toner can be the key to unlocking your face’s glow.

brigitte BEAUTE Toners

Why Use Toner?

Your toner provides an essential step in caring for your face, by leaving your skin in optimal condition. While you may think toners just remove traces of makeup and impurities, superior toning products can also refine the complexion and deliver healing ingredients to the skin. You’ll get the best results by choosing the toner that fits your skin.

Soothe Sensitivity with Phyto-Calming Toner

brigitte BEAUTÉ’s alcohol-free Phyto-Calming Toner is friendly to sensitive skin, while containing botanicals that fight redness and irritation. This gentleness is crucial if your skin is prone to over-drying or dermatitis.

Bare and Balanced Exfoliating Toner

With its multiple challenges, your combination skin needs a toner that can multi-task. Exfoliating Toner combines the refining action of glycolic acid with the moisturizing power of a seaweed extract to leave your face soft and dewy.

Reveal and Heal with Detoxifying Toner

Purifying oily or acne-prone skin is easy with a clarifying solution like brigitte BEAUTÉ’s Detoxifying Toner. The astringency of witch hazel whisks away oil while anti-inflammatory ingredients and salicylic acid promote a clear and healthy complexion.

Tone Up to Glow Up

The impact of phyto-calming, exfoliating and detoxifying toners on your skin’s appearance is undeniable. The effect of that glowing skin on your confidence will amaze you. Contact us today to learn more about how brigitte BEAUTÉ can unlock your glow.

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