How To Layer Skin Care Products

Your skincare routine contains multiple products with multiple benefits. Knowing how to layer skin care is key to getting the most from all of them. This short guide explains the correct order to apply your products to achieve maximum benefit.

Layer Skincare

The Correct Layering Order

Every person chooses a slightly different mix of products to address their primary concerns. These may include remedies to target acne, fine lines, wrinkles or dry skin along with basic cleansing and hydration.

Most of these products get to work as your skin absorbs them. That's why applying them in the correct order is essential. After you've washed your face with a cleanser recommended for your skin type, follow this recommended skin care order: toner - serum - antioxidant (such as vitamin C) - moisturizer / crème – Sunscreen (in day time!)

Why This Order Works

Whether you're new to skincare or you're an experienced user, understanding application order is key to establishing an impactful routine. The logic behind the recommended order is simple: the thinnest product in texture go on first, followed by heaviest ones. The thicker molecules of moisturizers/ sunscreen/ make-up go on last. By applying toner and serum on first, they can effectively soak through your outer skin layers. Thicker product textures have no problem absorbing on their own, helping seal hydration and protecting the outer layers of your skin.

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