NuFace Trinity is the first FDA approved facial muscle toning device that uses micro-current to contour the face, tone, and firm skin that can be used at home, for only 5 minutes every day! 

How does it work?

Micro-current is a micro-level current that mimics the body’s natural flow and can provide cumulative rejuvenating results. Micro-current technology was originally used in medical settings to treat atrophied muscles for re-strengthening as a form of physical therapy.

What are the immediate benefits?

When daily used either in the morning or in the evening, your facial muscles regain integrity. It is best to use it a minimum of five times a week to really notice long lasting results. The results from conditioning the facial muscles will reveal a more lifted, rejuvenated, and firm appearance to the face.

What products to be paired with your NuFace?

Besides the NuFace Conductive Gel which may not be suitable for all skin types, it is essential that appropriate anti-aging nutriments are applied prior to using your NuFace Trinity, such as the brigitte BEAUTÉ anti-aging Serums and Crèmes. Your NuFace has to be used right after the application of the finishing products so that the skin is still dewy enough to allow the gliding of the device.

NuFace Trinity versus Botox?

Botox, also known under botulinum toxin, acts as a neuromuscular paralyzing agent preventing muscles from contracting. A muscle that is not put into use eventually atrophies, this can happen to facial muscles after years of constant paralyzing, which eventually can cause the face to droop, sag, and/or appear hollow as muscle integrity is jeopardized.

On the contrary, the use of facial muscle toning micro-current device, such as the NuFace Trinity is imperative for all individuals, and even more for those that use Botox, to assist in preventing the loss of muscle integrity.

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“As a professional in beauty for about 25 years, I often hear my clients complaining that the use of Botox over many years does not work any longer, experiencing drooping muscles and lack of skin tonicity. I highly recommend the use of micro-current to help them reactivate their face muscle activity and integrity.”

Says Brigitte Beasse, Skin Care Expert and Co-Founder of brigitte BEAUTE”

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