The Importance of Regular Professional Facials

Facials; are they really worth it?

I have been asked this question many times by those who first discover that I am a facialist, and each time I am surprised that is not yet common knowledge that regular professional facial treatments can provide genuine long-lasting improvement not only the skin’s appearance but the actual tissue health.

Facials have come a long way from being simply treated as a novelty “feel-good” treatment without substance. The aspect of relaxation does still carry an important role in a facial, but true long-term results occur when coupled with the proper technique, ingredients, and modalities implemented by a professional with a deep knowledge of skin-science and how to address individual skin concerns.

How does a facial benefit you and your skin?

A facial can not only make you feel rejuvenated and polished, but with consistent proper treatments you will notice less congestion and your skin’s cell turnover and cell function will normalize, resulting in strengthened and improved skin tone, texture, and appearance.

A professional facial treatment here at brigitte BEAUTÉ thoroughly cleanses pores and active congestion, relieves stress and tension, addresses and repairs the signs of premature aging, and promotes healthier and more youthful skin. Cellular turnover is encouraged, cell function is normalized and the promotion of collagen and elastin is induced through use of a range of active ingredients and specific modalities.


How often should I receive a facial?

I always suggest that my clients come in every 4 to 6 weeks for a professional cleansing. This is because our skin naturally renews itself via cell turnover every 30 to 40 days. Receiving deep cleansing/exfoliating treatments over shorter course of time can result in over-exfoliation, leaving the skin irritated rather than glowing. 

Routinely receiving facials every 4 to 6 weeks is necessary to truly repair compromised and damaged skin, whether it be from an existing skin condition or by neglect. Achieving optimal skin health and normalizing cell function takes time, but these changes to the skin will outlast what a quick-fix can promise you.

What kind of facial is right for me?

For your first time visit and at each time of your monthly visit, you and I will have a thorough consultation and choose the ideal brigitte BEAUTE facial treatment which will address your skin concerns. 

What should I expect after my facial?

You shall expect to leave with the certitude of having leveled up your skin health and appearance, with a full spectrum of what you should be doing at home before to maintain your rejuvenated appearance before your next visit. Beautiful and healthy skin is a day to day commitment!

by Claudette Wheaton, Advanced Skincare Specialist & Skin Care Advisor @brigitte BEAUTÉ

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