Treat Yourself With the Omnilux Contour Face Mask

Taking care of your skin is an everyday necessity, from putting on sunscreen to exfoliating your face before moisturizing it. If you're getting tired of your skincare routine, turn it into an act of self-love with these practices.

Light Therapy

The Omnilux Contour Face Mask is an excellent option if you're trying to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Approved by the FDA, this mask conducts light therapy for your skin in 10 minutes. It's made of light silicone to keep your face comfortable and gives you a chance to relax as the light does its work.

Omnilux Contour Face Mask

This LED light therapy mask helps your body produce more elastin and collagen, and it kills acne-causing bacteria. Whether you have oily, dry, or otherwise sensitive skin, prioritize putting on your mask at least three times a week.

Light Therapy and Sleep

To make the most of your regular skincare routine, using your Omnilux Face Contour Face Mask just before a full night's sleep will allow your body to create more collagen, preventing premature sagging or wrinkling. Treat yourself to between seven and nine hours of sleep every night for younger and fresher skin.

Omnilux Contour Face Mask

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