Uncover Radiant, Ageless Skin With a Celebrity Facial

A celebrity facial is no longer an exclusive extravagance for a star on the silver screen or a flagship network series. A luxury skincare regimen at a spa such as Brigitte BEAUTÉ in Beverly Hills can help anyone preserve the appearance of ageless skin. 38-year old Alexis Bledel (actress, Gilmore Girls) credits her youthful complexion to over 10 years of care by aesthetician Brigitte Beasse.
Beasse caters to individual skin types with a myriad of procedures and products. To keep Bledel looking healthy and radiant, she has customized a regimen of salon and at-home therapies.

Brigitte’s 5-Step Facial

Of course, Beasse’s specialized Skin Care Advisors will adjust your treatment to suit your specific needs. For an example of her services, she has outlined Bledel’s five-step procedure.
  1. Cleanse – The cleansing phase includes steaming, purifying and exfoliating with mineral oil, clay masks and specialized products like a Clarisonic or Foreo Face Brush, Environ Alpha Toner Forte and Alpha Gel (both high in exfoliating Alpha Hydroxy Acid).
  2. Extraction – Removing blackheads involves a deep pore cleaning and toner application followed by a high-frequency current skin therapy.
  3. Sonophoresis and Iontophoresis – First, the facial skin is stimulated with a roller containing tiny needles (don’t worry; it’s almost certainly pain-free), then LAC-Pamgel (Lactic Acid) and vitamin C serums are applied. An ultrasound and micro current probe helps the treatments penetrate deeply.
  4. Alginate Mask – An alginate mask is composed primarily of marine algae compounds and calcium sulfate which seep into the skin. It can help by increasing elasticity along with tightening and reducing fine wrinkles.
  5. Hydration – The treatment wraps up by moisturizing with an anti-oxidant cream like Environ AVST Moisturizer 1, which boasts vitamins A, C and E.

Daily Home Regimen

Keeping up with daily care might be the most crucial aspect of getting the most mileage out of a salon facial and keeping your skin looking best. Beasse recommends that Bledel includes the daily use of products like the NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device, which uses micro-currents to tone muscles and stimulate skin and can help enhance facial tone and contour.

Advanced Technology Facials

Brigitte BEAUTÉ is also embracing progressive technology like LED Color Light Therapy, or a red light face mask, as an alternative to traditional topical treatments. Red light face masks are UV-free and generally last 20-30 minutes. They are purported to treat acne, skin inflammation, to boost elastin and collagen as well as have clays and ointments penetrate deeper and better. Since red light masks are less abrasive than methods like microdermabrasion, they can be used once a week instead of monthly.

Progressive technology and the latest generation of anti-aging ingredients can help anyone with the pursuit of ageless skin. An Alexis-Bledel-level celebrity facial may be just what you need to feel red-carpet worthy.

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