Why You Don't Want to Miss the Benefits of This 2-Step Heal & Treat Duo

The creators of the brigitte Beauté Heal & Treat Duo know that whatever your skin type, it's important to incorporate a toner and detoxifying mask into your routine to keep a youthful look.

The toning step of the Heal & Treat Duo is simple — but it's something you shouldn't skip. Not only does a swipe of toner remove any trace residue of product left on your face after cleansing in the evening, but it also moisturizes and prepares skin for the day in the morning by tightening pores, reducing excess oil, and removing flakes.

For your freshest, most radiant-looking skin, you'll want to avoid harsh ingredients that can deplete your face's natural oils and leave skin looking dry and dull. That's why the best toners include natural ingredients like grapefruit peel oil and collagen-boosting seaweed extracts. Another component to look for is glycolic acid, which is a gentle but powerful dermatologist-recommended alpha-hydroxy acid.

Take your routine to another level by adding a detoxifying face mask two or three times a week. A quality mask that you leave on for 10-15 minutes — such as the one that comes in the Heal & Treat Duo for mature skin —  draws out impurities and imparts nutrients. This one-two punch works in conjunction with other products to make your entire routine more effective.

Get the benefits of both toning and detoxifying with the Heal & Treat Duo from brigitte Beauté.

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