Your Condensed Guide to Using the Omnilux Contour Face Mask

Are you thinking about trying red light therapy at home? The Omnilux Contour Face is the first FDA-cleared light therapy flexible mask that is proven to provide clinical results in just one session. It’s the perfect solution when you want to get optimal results from the best LED light mask available.

How It Works

The Omnilux Contour Face Mask is made from flexible silicone that is soothing and lightweight on the face. It uses two light wavelengths (red and near infra-red) to treat the following skin care concerns:

  • Acne
  • Inflammation and redness
  • Fine lines
  • Dryness
  • Sagging and wrinkly skin

The clinical lights improve blood flow, promote the skin’s natural production of elastin and collagen, and kill bacteria to promote skin health.

How To Use the Mask

To use the best LED light mask on the market, place the Omnilux Contour Face Mask on your face and turn it on. When you’re first starting with red light therapy at home, use the mask for only 10 minutes, up to five times per week. After that, you can slowly work your way up to one 10-minute treatment every day.

Try Red Light Therapy at Home Today

Are you ready to experience the benefits of using red light therapy at home? Purchase your Omnilux Contour Face Mask today!

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