Update about COVID-19

Last update about COVID-19.

As we all live in what is called the "New Normal, here are the safety rules that brigitte BEAUTE will have to ensure to protect you and all the people around you:

Checking in: Make sure you come with your mask and hand sanitizer. If you ever forget them, we will make sure we have them available for you. A personal screening will be necessary: your temperature will be taken at the entrance of José Eber salon, we will have you sign a waiver that you are healthy and that you have not been in contact with a covid-19 patient.

Your new Spa room environment: Disposable sheets will be for one use only. A hair cap will be mandatory. Hand sanitizer will have to be used and you will have to wear a mask before you come out of the room.

Checking out: To be safe, brigitte BEAUTE will minimize any frontdesk transactions. We will limit cash transactions (except if cautiously put in an envelope). Prior to booking your appointment, your credit card will be on file and your credit card receipt will be e-mailed to you. Your esthetician will go through your home products in the room with you and cautiously wrap them, ready to be picked up at the desk. 

Your Esthetician New Look! We will all be wearing gloves, a mask and a shield.