Celebrity Facial Secrets

Celebrity facial treatments can work wonders. Just look at Alexis Bledel. She may be 38 years old, but her skin looks as good as it did during her first few seasons on Gilmore Girls.

What are her secrets of ageless skin? Turns out, Bledel gets beauty treatments from Brigitte Beasse, the founder of brigitte BEAUTÉ. In fact, Bledel has been seeing Beasse, an aesthetician from Beverly Hills, for more than 15 years.

The actress credits Beasse for her youthful glow. Some of Beasse's other celebrity clients include Rosanna Arquette,  Uma Thurman and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Alexis Bledel's Facial

Bledel's celebrity facial is a complex process. It includes: undergoes a daily skin regimen along with regular facial treatments from Beasse. This celebrity facial includes:

  • An extensive cleansing process with mineral oil, clay mask, cleansing gel with the FOREO face brush
  • Blackhead extraction
  • A cosmetic roller that helps reduce uneven skin tone
  • Lactic acid and vitamin C serums
  • A micro-current and ultrasound to help the skin absorb the serums
  • An alginate mask to increase elasticity and reduce fine lines
  • A moisturizer that contains antioxidants along with vitamins A, C and E

Other Brigitte Beasse Facials

Beasse actually offers her clients several clinical and signature facials. They are:

  • The Quick Fix — a detoxifying facial for normal to oily skin
  • The Essential Facial — a signature treatment that includes resurfacing, decongesting and brightening
  • The Oxygen Facial — a facial that uses medical-grade oxygen to hydrate and sooth your skin
  • The Duo — a combination of pulsed current, ultrasound and advanced skincare ingredients
  • The Acne Treatment — a facial that includes extraction and an acid cream mask
  • The Rejuvenating — a treatment that uses vitamins and peptides to create smoother skin

When creating each celebrity facial, Beasse continues to rely on the latest technology. She has several treatments that utilize LED lighting. This light can repair skin damage, fight signs of aging, treat inflammation and boost blood circulation.

This advanced technology applies to Beasse's ingredient choices, as well. Besides the aforementioned vitamins C, A and E, she also uses DMAE, hyaluronic acid and alpha hydroxy in her spa treatments.

brigitte BEAUTÉ Products

If you can't make it to Beasse's Beverly Hills salon, you can purchase some of her luxury skincare products. Beasse sells a variety of serums, toners, cleansers and masks.

Beasse also paired some of her items together into duos: Heal & Treat, Cleanse & Tone and Hydrate & Protect. You can purchase the products individually or opt for one of these sets.

A celebrity facial is one of the secrets of ageless skin. Regular treatments from brigitte BEAUTÉ should help your skin look younger and feel healthier.

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