Rejuvenation – The Essential Facial With Brigitte

A beautiful appearance begins with regular cleansing and repairing, and the Essential Facial with Brigitte BEAUTÉ is a terrific way to accomplish both. Your face is almost always the first thing people see and it can reflect how you take care of and feel about yourself, whether consciously or not. So why not start the process for a healthier complexion with a luxury skincare regimen?

The Essential Facial – Cleansing and Repairing

This signature facial treatment suits nearly everyone and their skin type.  Described as "therapeutic detoxification" this procedure consists of three core components:

  • Customized AHA Peel – Chemical peels exfoliate and remove damaged cells to uncover newer, healthier skin
  • Deep Pore Cleansing – Deep pore cleansing treatments penetrate deep into the skin to extract makeup, dirt and oils that may be clogging pores
  • Customized Mask – Facial masks drag impurities, hydrate and soothe the skin, can boost elasticity and often substantially reduce the look of faint wrinkles

Exfoliating – AHA Peels

The Essential Facial with Brigitte begins with exfoliation: the removal of the outer layer of damaged, dying skin cells that stifle the healthier and smoother cells underneath. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) are chemicals which cause a sort of "blistering" and shedding of the skin. AHAs are generally considered the mildest forms of chemical peels, and they can help improve the appearance of fine lines, acne, discolorations as well as the overall feel of the skin.

Cleansing – Deep Pore Treatments

Every day, facial skin produces oils and collects debris from the outside world which can become trapped under moisturizer, sunscreen and makeup. Daily face washing is a start; however, no amount of cleaning removes the deepest levels of grime and scrubbing can damage the skin surface. Deep pore cleansing extracts dirt and impurities that are typically unreachable by routine cleansing. Additional treatments with high-frequency currents cause blood circulation to increase instantly at the skin level, which can help carry toxins away from and draw nutrients into cells.

Repairing – Facial Masks

The final phase of the Essential Facial with Brigitte is the application of a facial mask. Since topical masks (commonly infused with valuable anti-oxidants, vitamins and other nutrients) are generally applied and left for a period of time, the ingredients have more opportunity to soak into the skin. Increased hydration, evenness of tone and firmer contours are all typical benefits derived from masks. There are a variety of choices for specific skin types and conditions.

Put your best face forward: your skin is a precious asset, and looking better often translates to feeling better. Salon cleansing and repairing may lead to a healthier, happier appearance and the Essential Facial with Brigitte could be the experience you need.

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