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An intensive Vitamin C peptide stabilised serum created to resist damage from ageing, sun, stress, and environmental exposure. Infused with a potent cocktail of green tea, exfoliating fruit acids, hyaluronic acid, plant based collagen and Vitamin C, this skin booster will firm and smooth, resulting in beautiful skin


  • A powerful combination of Vitamin C and Peptides provides potent protection against UV damage and fights signs of premature ageing. 

  • Vitamin C is known to trigger the production of collagen and prevent breakdown of cells due to environmental exposure.

  • Resveratrol, a natural compound found in grapes, increases the lifespan of skin cells and is a powerful activator of cellular renewal. The dermis is strengthened and skin is left firmer and denser. Wrinkles are smoothed from the inside and facial contours are redefined. 

  • An addition of fruit acids from Sugar Cane, Bilberry and Lemon ensure that the skin is exfoliated for a smooth, bright, clear complexion. 



  Green Tea

  Bilberry Extract

  Sugar Cane

  Fruit Extract